PRODUCERS MASTERGUIDE  The Filmmakers Film Production Information bible for over 20 years
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Film Professionals & Reference Libraries

* PRODUCERS MASTERGUIDE 2007/2008 * 20th Edition
* 500 Pages Paperback (8½"W x 11"H / Magazine size)
* ISBN 10: 0-935744-19-3
* ISBN 13: 978-0-935744-19-4
* ISSN: 0732-6653
* Library of Congress No.: 83-641703
* © Copyright 2007 * ® Trademark No.: 1,463,177

      500-Page Book on "Everything You Need To Know", with the most comprehensive compilation of production information on Motion Picture, TV, Commercials, Cable, Satellite & Videotape production, nationally and internationally. Enthusiastically used by film industry professionals as their "Production Bible", by researchers for its in-depth information, as well as by other individuals wishing to enter the film industry.

      Professional focus on all phases of film Pre-Production, film Production and film Post-Production, such as: how to raise Production Financing; Union Contracts, Wage Scales and Working Conditions; film Production Logistics, Planning and Operation; Shooting Permits; entering major Film Festivals, and MUCH MUCH MORE!!!

      The most comprehensive territorial coverage of all major film production centers internationally, including: All states in the U.S., all Canadian Provinces, the Caribbean Islands, Mexico, United Kingdom, Europe, Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Morocco, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South America, and more.

      The Only Periodical of its Kind for Over 30 Years, Endorsed by Top Government, City, Union & Guild Officials, the Academy, Leaders of the Motion Picture Industry, and the Trade Press.

© Copyright 1995-2007 Producers MasterGuide * ® TradeMarked
Producers MasterGuide * 60 E 8 St, 34 Floor * New York NY 10003-6514 * USA * SAN: 213-6384.